Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Real NY Cask Beer Festival

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On September 25th and 26th, the "Get Real NY” Beer Fest will offer New Yorkers one of the largest selections of cask ale in the country. The NY Craft Beer Week event will be hosted at the old Altman Building (135 West 18th Street, NYC, NY 10011) where 80 world wide cask conditioned beers will be paired with local food prepared by some of New York City's best known chefs. Rattle N Hum (www.Rattlenhumbarnyc.com) co-owner and event producer, Patrick Donagher says:

“Get Real NY is not only a celebration of the best cask beer and local food available but wine lovers will be given a run for their alcohol dollar and an unparalleled taste bud challenge. Get Real NY is not only a celebration of the best cask beer and local food available but wine lovers will be given a run for their alcohol dollar and an unparalleled taste bud challenge.”

Over twenty artisan vendors and restaurants have been invited to prepare three of their best house specials. Those dishes will be paired with 80 imported ales from around the world. Local brewers will man the home brew section, comparing brewing techniques and sharing brewing tips. Vice President of NYC Homebrewers Guild Chris Cuzme says: “We will have approximately 20 cask conditioned home brewed ales that will rival the pros.”

Guests are invited to a home brew Question and Answer period during each session. The two time winner of the Ninkasi Award (2004 and 2009) and undisputed king of home brewers Mr. Jamil Zainasheff is slated as special guest during the Saturday night session. Bill Sysak, better known in the inner circle of craft-beerdom as “Dr.” Bill Sysak, will oversee all the food pairings.

The challenge to wine lovers comes from both event producer Donagher and his top chef Erik Norlander. Both gentlemen maintain craft beers possess “a more complex flavor profile”. According to Norlander:

“A traditional pairing of food and wine is limited to the complexity of the wine’s taste profile but when you are pairing a ‘real beer’ with food, the world of tastes opens eightfold.”

While the doors are open to all, a special challenge is aimed at wine connoisseurs. Event producer Donagher says:

“Give me five minutes with the most die hard wine lover and I’ll have him or her converted to some of the best tasting cask conditioned beers in the world.”

This all New York vendor event runs from noon Saturday, September 25th until Sunday night when the last glass will be tipped at 8 PM. General admission tickets are $65 and come with a free tasting glass, while the $80 VIP tickets entitle guest to an added hour of food and beer tasting, special discounts to participating bars and restaurants and VIP tours of local breweries. VIP guests will also have a variety of special cask beer to taste and a personalized session with the VIP Brewers. Tickets can be purchased at: http://getrealny.eventbrite.com/.


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Get Real NY
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Unknown said...

I almost feel as if I need to get into my car, and start driving up to NY for this all the way in from Dallas! It's a shame we don't have many events like this down here, but cask beers/ales are easily my favorite. No question about that. IPA's have to be my favorite style on cask, they're just so damn good on cask and the texture and flavor changes dramatically.

Let us all know how it goes, I have some friends and family up in NY that I have to tip off to this!