Monday, January 4, 2010

Coney Island Lagers Were Winners In 2009

Shmaltz Brewing Company's Coney Island Lager line is one of the more interesting lines of beer in New York. Each of the five beers is named after a member of the Coney Island Freakshow. It seems that the beer world is finding out what TheFoamingHead has allready known about the Coney Island Lagers, and that is the beer is just as good as the artwork. The Coney Island Lager line won four awards in 2009 and is primed for an even bigger 2010.

Coney Island Human Blockhead(TM) took home the National Grand Prize in the "Loose Lager" category at the United States Tasting Championship (July 2009). With rigorous field trials held over a one-month period and a concentration on six different regions around the country, Shmaltz's seasonal attraction won alongside other Grand Champions such as Farmhouse Ale (Smuttynose), In-Heat Wheat (Flying Dog) and Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale (Rogue).

Coney Island Human Blockhead(TM) also took Second Place in the "Strong Lager" category at the 2009 Manitou Springs Craft Lager Festival in Manitou Springs, CO (August 8 & 9, 2009). The Craft Lager Festival annually recognizes the highest quality craft lagers with awards in several style categories. The festival is unique as its staffed solely by volunteers who put on the event to benefit open space and parks in their local communities, and to support the remarkable art of craft brewing.

At Hotoberfest in Atlanta, GA (October 3, 2009), Coney Island Albino Python(TM) was awarded a Silver Medal in the Best Brew Competition. Hotoberfest features a consumer-voting competition where all of the awards are based on public opinions of the attendees at the event. Coney Island Albino Python(TM) also received 1st Place in the "Other" category at the West Coast Brew Fest in Sacramento, CA (May 16, 2009).

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