Friday, January 1, 2010

Bronx Brewery Plans 2010 Opening

With the craft beer market growing, more and more small breweries are popping up across the country and New York is no different. While researching some of the breweries, one of the more interesting new breweries will be the Bronx Brewery.

Stephen O'Sullivan and Niall Henry founded the Bronx Brewery and have brought Damian Brown onboard as the Head Brewer. I recently spent some time on the phone with Brown to talk about what stages the brewery is in now and what they have planned for the year. Brown recently graduated the Master Brewers Program at UC Davis.

The brewery is currently still raising capital at this point and anyone interested in investing in the brewery should Damian Brown to discuss the opportunity. As of now, the brewery plans to sign a lease on commercial space once we have raised the requisite money. Currently several Bronx neighborhoodsare being targeted, including Hunt's Point and Port Morris. The plan is to open some time in Summer of 2010.

The Bronx Brewery will start with three brews, the Bronx Riverd(ALE), Hip HopStout, and the Mother Hef’n Bronx. After these three there are plans for The Bronx Lager, Bronx Bomber Red Ale, Woodlawn Wheat Ale, and a Fordham Flash Stout.

They brewery plans to sell their beer as draft only for the first two years before moving to bottle production. They will use casks and barrell aged beers. The brewery plans to bottle beers in 40 ounce bottles.

You can follow the Bronx Brewery's progress on their own website, Twitter and Facebook. They can be found at:

Twitter - @TheBronxBrewery
Facebook - The Bronx Brewery
Website -

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