Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brooklyn Brewmasters Series

Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster's Reserve Series is a line of draft only beers that are released every four months or so.  They are one time creations and are only available while the batch lasts (some Brewmaster's beers have come back as permanent or seasonal offerings at a later date).  This line of beers is one of our favorite in the entire state and since they disappear quickly, we have kept a history of the beers that have come and gone.     

Savoir Faire
Released: December 2008

Blunderbuss Old Ale
Released: January 2009
ABV: 8.2%

Intensified Coffee Stout
Released: March 2009
ABV: 8%

Cuvee de Cardoz
Released: June 2009
ABV: 8%

Sorachi Ace
Released: July 2009
ABV: 7.5%

Manhattan Project
Released: September 2009
ABV: 8.5%

Released: December 2009
ABV: 7%

Cookie Jar Porter
Released: January 2010
ABV: 7.8%

Dark Matter
Style: Brown Ale
Released: March 2010
ABV: 7.5%

Buzz Bomb
Style: Braggot
Released: May 2010
ABV: 8%

Detonation Ale
Style: Pale Ale
Released: August 2010
ABV: 9.2%

Cuvee Noire
Style: Belgian Stout
Released: October 2010
ABV: 8.7%

Main Engine Start
Style: Abbey Single
Released: February 2011
ABV: 6.2%

The Concotion
Released: May 2011
ABV: 7.6%

Style: Pale Ale
Released: August 2011
ABV: 4.8%

The Companion
Style: Wheat Wine
Released: September 2011
ABV: 10%

Mary's Maple Porter
Style: Maple Porter
Released: January 2012
ABV: 6.9%

Gold Standard
Style: Kellerbier
Released:  May 2012
ABV: 6.2%

Fiat Lux
Style: Belgian Witbier
Released:  August 2012
ABV: 6.1%

There Will Be Black
Style: Black IPA

Released: November 2012
ABV: 7.5%

Silver Anniversary Lager
Style: Doppelbock

Released: March 2013
ABV: 8.6%

Scorcher #366
Released: April 2013
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%

Fire & Ice
Released: October 2013

Style: Smoked Oatmeal Porter
ABV: 7.2%

Hammarby Syndrome
Style: Swedish Strong Ale
Released:  February 2014
ABV: 8%

Style: Aussi-Spiced Saison
Released:  May 2014
ABV: 8.4%

Style: Strong Weizenbock
Released:  August 2014
ABV: 7.8%

Style: Quadrupel
Released:  November 2014
ABV: 9.9%

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