Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Landmark Beer Changes Brewers

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Flying Bison's financial troubles and F.X. Matt's proposal to buy the Buffalo brewery. While The Buffalo News reported that the deal was not final, it seems as if the deal is either completed or will be completed soon. In addition to brewing their own beer, Flying Bison also brewed beer for the Landmark Beer Company. Deal or No Deal (Howie Mandel?) it seems as if the Syracuse based Landmark Company is not waiting around. has stated that the brewery has found a new brewer to make their beer.

In a blog posted on Friday, Landmark Owner Kiernan states that Landmark has: "decided to move our production to another brewery. That brewery would be the Paper City Brewing Company in Holyoke Massachusetts."

Kiernan also states that Landmark will be bringing back their Landmark India Style Red Ale as well as tweaking their IPA recipe. The Red Ale will be out in bottles and on draft by Mid-March and the IPA will be dryer, with more hops and a lighter color. Landmark also had Custom Brewcrafters brew an oak aged imperial stout that will be called Black Steel and will be available the first week in March.

You can read Landmark's post here.

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