Saturday, January 24, 2009


As we mentioned in an earlier post, Aroma Thyme Bistro got in two kegs of Ommegang's Obamagang. Chef/Owner Marcus Guiliano called me up and invited me in to try Ommegang's latest creation.

The description from Ommegang says that "The style lies between a porter and stout, with a bit of Kriek and a touch of chocolate blended in. "

Here is our first video blog with my tasting notes.

Obamagang poured a pitch black color with a huge tan head. The aroma on this beer is really wonderful. There were hints or figs, cherries, chocolate, some spicies, and even a bit of smokiness. The body is slightly sweet up front from the added kriek, with hints of chocolate and nice dark malts. The smokiness adds a very pleasant mouthfeel. The finish dries out the mouth nicely and the beer left plenty of hanging lace. The beer is well balanced and not overwhelming at all which tends to happens with some smokey beers. Really, a great beer. Let's hope Barack''s presidency can live up to this beer!

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