Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dundee Honey Brown Has Sick Graphics!

High Falls Brewing Company has recently completed an overhaul of their J.W. Dundee craft beer line. High Falls has dropped the J.W., now calling the line simply Dundee, and has overhauled their old design to a new more eye-catching graphics. The changes attracted our eye during a recent summer trip to Rochester. We picked up a mixed 12 pack and even reviewed the Pale Bock Lager, which we liked. In the past, several staff members were not huge fans of the J.W. stuff (completely passed their booth at TAP-NY) but have been pleasantly surprised by the new line.

It turns out that those new graphics are a product of some pretty fancy technology. The labels are made "using Eyeris enhanced beverage can printing technology from Ball Corporation. The can graphics feature a 150-line screen, which is likely the highest graphic resolution ever achieved in full scale beverage can production."

It seems that High Falls has not only improved the flavor of their beer, they are now the label graphic kings of the craft beer world. Once again, New York Beer holds top billing in a beer category. Let's all raise a pint in celebration of High Falls!


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