Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brooklyn Lager Wins Washington Post's Beer Madness Tournament

In a battle of two New York brews, Brooklyn Lager kncoked out Saranac Pale Ale to take the Washington Post's Beer Madness title. The tournament included 32 beers in a March Madness bracket style contest. The post had toyed with the idea of including 64 beers in the bracket but stuck with 32 to avoid the comunists "being poured into a cab." In order to be qualify for the contest the beers had to be of moderate alcohol content, which meant no imperial stouts, IPAs, malt liquors or barleywines. The beers also had to be relatively easy to buy in their area. The 32 beers represented 19 different states and were randomly seeded by drawing the beer names from a mug, which lead to several "upsets". The were five tasters which included a beer columist, a waitress from Brickseller which the Post called "Washington's Premier Beer Destination", and three casual beer drinkers. The tasters were handed two unmarked cups and each voted for a winner to move onto the next round. While this does not prove anything other then the fact that these five beer drinkers liked Brooklyn Lager the best, it is a nice victory for New York State beers and coupled with Flower Power's impressive run to the Final Four, it looks like New York beer is going strong!

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