Saturday, March 29, 2008

Keegan Ales Four Philosophers

On Friday, I took a trip to Keegan Ales to try out their new specialty beer Four Philosophers. I had heard a lot about this beer and the combination of Keegan's strong history of brewing good beers combined with the expectations of naming it after Ommegang's great Belgian style quadrupel had me waiting in anticipation. I decided to try the beer before doing any research on it. The beer poured an amber color with a thin white head. The beer had malts on the first sip and continued into the middle palate. The finish was slightly dry with a small amount of hops appearing at the end. The beer seemed quite strong and later on I found out I was right as it checked in at 8% ABV. After finishing my pint, I sat down with Tommy Keegan and asked him about his new brew. He told me that Four Philosophers was a Belgian style Abbey Tripel and that those who enjoyed this offerring can look foward to his Belgian White that he thinks will be ready sometime in late April or early May. Overall, this was a delicious beer that if bottled at all could probably be cellared for a couple of months. I highly suggest getting to Kingston ASAP to try this fast moving beer. Cheers to the people at Keegan Ales for making another very good beer.

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