Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Beerituality" Screening at The Burp Castle

On Sunday, November 7th, The Burp Castle will be hosting a special screening of "Beerituality". The film is produced by FAD Productions and centers around a bar's attempt to circumvent a new mayor's ban on alcohol. The screening will start at 3 pm and is free to attend, and the bar will operate as a cash bar. The event is open to anyone 21 and over.

The Burp Castle is located at 41 East 7th St., New York, NY.


About Beerituality:

In the town of Brewster, few places are as popular as the Abbey Normal beer bar--at least until the country's most infamous anti-alcohol zealots, Reverend Jimmy Patrick arrives. The prohibitionist preacher maneuvers his way into the mayor's chair and wastes no time in launching a referendum to ban all alcohol. The charismatic holy roller manages to eke out narrow passage of the referendum, thus putting Abbey Normal out of business. However, the pub's owners find a loophole in the local ordinance--a special allowance for alcohol served during religious services--and cleverly transform the bar into St. Abbey the Normal, The Church of Beer.


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