Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dundee Ales & Lagers To Release Three New Beers

Dundee Introduces New Irish Red Lager

in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Red Lager is the first of several seasonal beers planned for 2010

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Dundee Ales & Lagers announces its latest seasonal beer: Irish Red Lager. This sweet and malty lager is available through April, and is sure to be a hit with those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Dundee Brewer Jim McDermott selected the finest Cara Red malt to impart the beer’s namesake red hue. Magnum and Czech Saaz hops balance the beer. McDermott finishes it off by dry-hopping each batch with a subtle touch of Cascade hops. The result is a full-bodied lager with just enough malty sweetness, and a slight dry finish.

“The goal was to deliver a very flavorful version of this style, which is a great-tasting ‘session beer,’” said McDermott. “We think it will be an excellent option for people that are looking for something a little different on St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to enjoy a good craft beer as part of your celebrations, it’s the perfect choice,” McDermott added.

Irish Red Lager is the first of a number of new beers scheduled to appear in Dundee’s seasonal lineup this year. The new beer is also Dundee’s first addition to its line of craft ales and lagers in over two years.

Dundee Ales & Lagers will brew and release the following seasonal beers for a limited time throughout the year:

- NEW Irish Red Lager: Spring Seasonal. Sweet, malty Irish Red, available February – April
- NEW Summer Wheat: Summer Seasonal. American-style Wheat Beer, available May – July
- Oktoberfest: Fall Seasonal. Traditional Märzen-style lager, available August – October
- Festive Ale: Winter Seasonal. Hearty ale with spices, available November – January

These beers will be available on draft at bars and restaurants, and in six-packs at convenience and grocery stores across the United States.

New Craft Pack Offering

Also new from Dundee this year are a smooth, slightly sweet Stout, and a crisp, refreshing Kolsch-style Ale. They are showing up on shelves this March for the first time in the Dundee Craft Pack. Fans of the Dundee Craft Pack – the brewery’s variety 12-pack – can still find the India Pale Ale there, alongside the other Craft Pack mainstay, Pale Bock Lager. This mix of beers will be available in the Dundee Craft Pack through October.

“We think that craft beer drinkers who are new to Dundee will find that it’s the ‘best beer they’ve never had,’” said Jason Drewniak, brand manager, Dundee Ales and Lagers. “We have a great team of brewers here that are dedicated to their craft. We’re sure that our consumers will appreciate their hard work and attention to detail in creating these signature beers.

“In November, the mix of beers in the Dundee Craft Pack will change again,” said Drewniak. “We know our consumers want variety and we’re going to deliver a lot of great new beer choices from the Dundee family this year.”

About Dundee Brewing Company

Dundee Brewing Company is based in Rochester, New York. The Dundee Brewing Company is part of North American Breweries, which also owns Labatt USA and the Genesee Brewery and a perpetual license for Seagrams Escapes. Please visit www.dundeebeer.com or http://twitter.com/dundeebeer for more information.

Dundee Ales & Lagers is a family of craft beers which includes the year round IPA and a full line of limited edition releases.

Please drink responsibly.

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