Monday, August 24, 2009

New York Craft Beer Roundup

-The Supermarket News reports that Wegman's has doubled their beer selection.

The Foaming Head: "Wegman's is the best supermarket chain in New York and a big reason is their extensive selection of craft beer."

-The Albany Times Union has a great story on how the hops were gathered for Brown's Brewing's Harvest IPA. The article also talks about New York's history as a hop growing state.
The Foaming Head: "A lot of farmers took advantage of the hop shortage of the last couple of years and started to grow the coveted flower. Hopefully New York can once again become known for it's hops. I am really looking forward to tasting Brown's new beer."

-The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has a brief article on what beer has meant to people over the years.

The Foaming Head: "Bryan and Adam are right on the money when talking about Ommegang's Hennepin."

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