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Shmaltz Rejewvenator



Shmaltz Brewing Launches The Second Coming of REJEWVENATOR

Limited Edition, Date-Infused, Harvest to Harvest "Chosen" Seasonal
San Francisco, New York, Beyond! - May 2009 America's smallest, biggest and most award-winning Jewish (and now Sideshow Freak) Beer Company, Shmaltz Brewing kicks-off its 13th year of delicious beer and delicious shtick with the second coming of their annual celebration ale, REJEWVENATOR. HE'BREW Beer's latest installment in their sacred fruit infused line-up, Rejewvenator ferments over 400 gallons of Date juice into a half dopplebock, half Belgian style dubbel hybrid lager/ale - a truly unique brewing performance.
Jewish tradition celebrates two New Years: the first in Spring traditionally after the barley harvest and the second, the High Holidays in Fall, mark the creation of the world. Harvest to Harvest - the perfect bookends for deliciousness! Rising to 7.8% alc, Rejewvenator will be available nationally in 22 oz. bottles and a very limited amount of draft.
The national launch of Rejewvenator will take place during American Craft Beer Week from May 11-17, 2009 with special events happening in markets all across the country (May 7 @ Mugs Ale House in NYC, May 11 @ Brouwer's Café in Seattle, May 13 @ Mission Beach Cafe in San Francisco and Cambridge Common in Boston; additional events will be listed at Rejewvenator 2008 (brewed with Figs) was touted by critics, including All About Beer who highlighted the brew in its "Beer Talk" tasting section and raved, "It's a glorious beer." Oakland Tribune proclaimed, "Don't miss this one!"
The experimental process of brewing Rejewvenator begins with 5 specialty malts and 5 hop varieties blending European tradition with brazenly innovative American craft beer flavor and attitude. The brewers use Lager yeast to start cold, bottom fermentation then let the beer warm and pitch a hybrid Abbey/Trappist Belgian Ale yeast brought in exclusively for this brew. Finally all natural Date concentrate pressed on the first day of California's 2009 harvest gets infused into the fermenter. Rejewvenator then sits and ages for another month before centerfuge filtration and packaging.
About Shmaltz Brewing Company
Established in San Francisco in 1996 with the first batch of 100 cases of HE'BREW Beer bottled, labeled, and delivered by hand, Shmaltz Brewing Company introduced 6-packs in 2003 and moved its production East to the acclaimed Mendocino Brewing Company's Saratoga Springs, NY brewery. 2003 to 2008 saw over 1000% growth in sales, with over 5 million bottles sold to date. HE'BREW's award-winning lineup includes its flagship Genesis Ale and Messiah Bold as well as Rejewvenator, Origin Pomegranate Strong Ale, Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A., and the "extreme" Chanukah annual, Jewbelation.
Along with their acclaimed line of HE'BREW Beers, Shmaltz introduced its new line of sideshow-inspired Coney Island Craft Lagers(TM) with six featured attractions including Coney Island Lager(TM), Albino Python(TM), Sword Swallower(TM), Human Blockhead(TM), Mermaid Pilsner(TM), and Freaktoberfest(TM). Proceeds help Coney Island USA, a 501(c)(3) Arts Non-Profit fulfill its mission to defend the honor of lost forms of American popular culture in Brooklyn's historic Coney Island neighborhood.
Shmaltz offerings are available in over 25 states through over 30 wholesalers at more than 1500 retail specialty shops across the U.S. including Beverages & More, Whole Foods, Total Wine, select Krogers, and Cost Plus.
Shmaltz Brewing beers have appeared in such distinguished media outlets as The New York Times, CNN Headline News, The Onion, Beer Advocate Magazine, Celebrator Beer News, Ale Street News, The Today Show, Bravo, NPR's "Weekend Edition," New York Magazine, Newsweek, Elle, SELF, Men's Health, BUST, Playboy, Associated Press, Reuters, MSNBC, San Francisco Magazine, The Jerusalem Report, New York Jewish Week, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and

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